Promoting Outdoor Adventure

“Society seems intent on conditioning us to lives of conservatism and security, on presenting risk as an unhealthy concept. And yet there is nothing more damaging to the human spirit than a life wrapped in cotton, a life of contrived safety and conformity.”

Mark Jones

We believe society is increasingly becoming influenced by a mass media steering us towards safety and security and we are in danger of losing our sense of proportion in relation to risk.

In many cases we are now led by rules which often make no sense, we allow ourselves to be herded through life in a society where it is always someone else’s fault when it goes wrong.

Re-Think Adventure believes in a different point of view.

That life should be a great adventure! An element of risk enriches life, where we feel we are taking responsibly for our destiny.

When we take responsibly for our lives we live them to the fullest.

We believe that outdoor adventure experiences have the power to provide challenging, life-changing experiences.

You are always capable of more than you think.

Re-Think Adventure’s ‘raison d’être’ is to promote and provide outdoor adventure experiences for schools, organisations and individuals.

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